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Why is Everyone Switching to Solar Energy?

Today, solar energy costs less than traditional power and switching to solar is easier than it’s ever been. Not only will you save more than ever, you will also be doing your part to help the environment. With Encōr Solar you can choose the program that gives you the best savings for your home, trusting in us to deliver the quality and simplicity you deserve.

Do You Qualify for our Zero Down Program?

How it Works.

Qualifying Call

Every solar power project starts with a qualifying call to see if solar is right for you. We’ll discuss your energy use and take a look at your roof using satellite imaging. We’ll prepare a dynamically customized quote using our proprietary software; this quote includes your energy savings for the next 20 years.

Solar Consultation

Once our representative has determined that solar is right for your home and energy usage, the next step is meeting with our solar engineers. They’ll create a custom design tailored to your roof shape, size, and energy consumption to create an optimal layout for your home.


Sign Paperwork

Your personalized agreement locks in your solar energy cost for the next 20 years. You’ll find the most important details of the agreement right on the front page. There are no hidden fees; we include countless guarantees and warranties to ensure that you and your home are protected.

Review Your Design

One of our Site Surveyors will visit within days of the solar consultation to take a closer look at your roof and take measurements. Once we have the measurements, our expert engineers will design a solar power system based on your home’s dimensions and your specific energy needs.

Single Day Installation

Most solar panel system installations take only a single day, so we will coordinate with you to find a day that works best for you. We also take care of all of the permits and inspections; all you have to do is sit back and watch it all come together.

Start Saving

Here’s the best part: once your utility company sends over their approval, you get to flip the switch to start generating your own clean,  affordable energy.

Exceptional Quality

We’ve helped tens of thousands of families across the country control their energy costs with solar power.

With Encōr, you can be approved for a free system installation; from there, you are simply paying for the power your solar power systems produce, no more. Not only will you be saving money exponentially, but you can rest easy knowing you are joining the global movement to reduce your carbon footprint and help revive the environment. Because we are working towards such an important cause, it is our priority to keep growing and making clean, more affordable solar energy available to even more homeowners than ever. Join the movement!



We had a wonderful experience with the presentation for solar energy. We were impressed with the level of attentiveness with our questions. The technician was well dressed and courteous. I would recommend this company.

– Jeremy S.

I’ve worked with three other companies and have enjoyed working with Encor the most. I actually just signed up to go solar in Salt Lake City a few weeks ago and my install is already done. Great experience.

– R.H.

Jared was absolutely incredible to work with. Some people say it takes 4-6 months to get up and running, it took Jared 30 days start to finish. Very professional, they took care of all the details, we didn’t have to lift a finger. I would do it again with Encor in a heartbeat.

– Taylor M. O.

My first experience with getting serious about solar was with a competitor in Provo. They tried to take us as fools. They left such a horrible taste in the mouth of my wife and myself that I had a hard time coming around to trust solar again. Once I was ready to visit the possibility again I sat down with Encor and the process was much better and no dirty handed tricks. The price and terms were straight forward. The install was quick and seamless.

– Todd M.

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