SILICON SLOPES, Utah – We are excited to have Ethan Whitehead join our Encōr team as Director of People analytics.

Ethan’s solar career has allowed him to play a variety of roles within different companies’ setter/closer models. Most recently he served as Sunpro’s Director of Setting, where he oversaw the creation and buildout of a program producing 800 sat appointments and 250 sales per month in under a year. Ethan has a brilliant analytical mind and loves systems and processes. He greatly promotes strategies that can help anyone plug into a company culture and thrive. Encōr Solar has already benefited from Ethan’s expertise. He has been able to create a more robust recruiting and onboarding system through automation. His continued efforts will impact reps’ training and overall development. Ethan wants to make sure that SolarPros can quickly plug into a system and experience a step by step training platform that ensures each new hire can progress quickly through their learning curve. Ethan plans to accomplish all of this while keeping costs in check. This is just the beginning of a much larger pursuit in creating a world class solar lead generation program.

Encōr Solar CRO Ryan Roche commented, “I’m excited to have Ethan join our team as Director of People Analytics. Ethan has been a master of creating outstanding results within lead setting programs by creating plug n’ play systems. His sincerity in caring about individuals comes through greatly in his leadership. Encōr is blessed to have him!”

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