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Encōr is a leader in the solar industry creating custom solar installations designed for the most optimal energy savings. Join our thousands of customers using Encōr Solar to save money on their power and create a cleaner tomorrow.

Save Month One

Customers who qualify for our zero down program can see savings their very first month of installing solar and tens of thousands over the lifetime of their panels.

Get a Locked-in Rate

In America, utility rates have increased every year by 6%. Solar means a locked in rate until you own the panels and eliminate your power bill completely.

Create a Greener Tomorrow

Be part of the solution of a cleaner tomorrow by adding solar panels to your home. When you add solar you’ll know you are benefiting our ecosystem.

Encōr Solar Proposal

What you’ll learn


????    Monthly savings compared to your current power bill


????    Amount of solar panels needed to meet your power needs


☀️    The efficiency of your roof (amount of sun we can generate power from)


????    Solar Tax credits available to you


????    Return on investment over the lifetime of your panels


????    What financing is available

Custom Solar Proposal

We will create a free, no obligation, solar quote so you can see your savings and what tax incentives are available to you. Fill out the form below to qualify your home.

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